Hello, fellow artists/art enthusiasts/ explorers/ creators/ players/ dabblers/ intellectuals/ curious cats!   This blog is where I intend to explore the happenings in art in the world, how art affects us as humans, how we use art to express ourselves and to encourage fair, open discussion/sharing of anything that has to do with art and the way it affects everyday life.

   I enjoy the various points of view that others have to offer because people from different walks of life can contribute to discussions in very unique and diverse ways.  

So I hope that the articles I post on here and my subsequent opinions on them can serve to open dialogue from anyone, anywhere in the world.  I am interested to know how art affects society in your area of the world and if/how your society is influenced by art in North America.

   I encourage everyone to comment in a friendly, open-minded manner and share with me your own thoughts on the subjects that I bring forward.  Share other articles, or articles that I might blog about; if you’re an artist feel free to share your blog/website with me and maybe I will feature it in my “Badass Artist of the Week” post.  

Thank you for visiting, and for your thoughts/comments/shares.

Enjoy my blog and share it with your friends if you know someone who might also enjoy it!




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