About Me

Hi.  I’m Rachelle.  I’m a 29-year-old student, artist, daydreamer, cat lover.

This blog is all about two of my favourite things, art and having opinions.  Art is everywhere in our society, especially as the use of social media has increased over the years.  No longer do we have to travel to a museum, or wander a craft fair to view art.  Not only is it beautiful, but it is also a powerful force for change and awareness.

The goal of this blog is for me share the stories I see floating around the web of the impact art is having on our society.

I am opening a dialogue about the power art has to change the world.  I want to know what you out there, hopefully across the world, has to say about the power of art in society. Any Society.

All posts are open to comments.

I encourage respectful, open dialogue, and if you’d like to talk more in-depth visit my ‘Contact’ page and drop me a line.






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